Looking for Loons ~ a best book

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has included Looking for Loons in their Best Books of 2008 list. Yay! 🙂

(mainly) Non-Fiction Fiona has written a whole *hexapod of reviews over on her blog of the books she picked up at the CWILL BC Spring Book Hatching this past weekend. And Looking for Loons was one of them. There are 4 more fantastic books from other talented BC authors and illustrators to read about in that post as well so I do recommend clicking over there for a visit. Actually, give the whole blog a good looking over – Fiona writes reviews of lots of other books as well posts about her writing life as a published author.

*actually there are five, not six, and none of the books are legged.

One thought on “Looking for Loons ~ a best book

  1. Congrats on making the CCBC Best Books List! Well-deserved. I’m *so* enjoying my copy of LOOKING FOR LOONS. Every time I open the covers I see something I haven’t seen before. Lovely, lovely work, Kirsti!

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