Looking for Loons ~ an Award and a Review

Looking for Loons is one of 10 books chosen for the Canadian Toy Testing Council’s Great Books for Children for 2009.

And there’s also a really nice review of Looking for Loons on the Scholastic blog – it squeaked in with its squirrel cameo (and there’s also one on the endpapers).

4 thoughts on “Looking for Loons ~ an Award and a Review

  1. Lovely news, and I didn’t even know the Canadian Toy Testing Council reveiwed books! Always nice to hear good news.

    Kathleen Molloy, author – Dining with Death

  2. I am thrilled, but I am also annoyed that I don’t have this book. Why don’t I have this wonderful, award-winning book? Chapters is getting an earful from me, let me tell you.

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