new book beginnings ~ db

EOS 40D7429

EOS 40D7458

EOS 40D7474

I came across this chameleon by chance in a local pet food shop today. Since there’s a chameleon in one of the illustrations for this book project, I took photographs of this one for reference. His name is Oscar and he’s a 2 year old male veiled chameleon. The pet food store took him in when his young owner lost interest in him (how is that possible? this guy is awesome!). A few of his cricket meals have escaped over time and have taken up residence around the tiny shop where they sing from their hiding places among the bags of dog and cat food.

One thought on “new book beginnings ~ db

  1. I’ve always wanted a chameleon…and a lion…and a crow…and a monkey. A Chameleon seems more reasonable.

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