new book beginnings ~ db

EOS 40D7551

I’m at the draw, redraw and draw again stage of the final drawings. My desk is buried under a few inches of tracing paper.

EOS 40D7550

I use layers of tracing paper to draw and reposition elements when working out the composition, but I also scan my drawings and shift them around in photoshop. Sometimes I’ll scribble things into the drawing directly on the computer because it’s often quicker to try stuff out that way.

4 thoughts on “new book beginnings ~ db

  1. I LOVE the strange man(?) sitting backwards on the donkey. I think that one piece could prompt 100 more story books.

  2. Your illustrations are absolutely stunning! You have really inspired me. When you scan your work into photoshop have you already added colour to the drawing, or is that done on photoshop?

  3. Hello (me again) i just wanted to further write how brilliant your site is, i’ve literally been drooling over all you work, they are just perfect. Thank you so much for also showing how you do your pieces. I’m trying to write/draw my first illustrated book for children, but looking at your masterful techniques are really helpful, so thank you.

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