Write on Bowen!

Write on Bowen is a readers and writers festival on Bowen Island, BC. It takes place this year on July 10 – 12 and includes workshops, panel discussions, a Q&A, a picnic at the Lieben Lands and a gala event. There are workshops for both adults and teen writers.

I love Bowen Island – I have family over there as well as a studio space that I escape to when I need to get away from the city (or give flying lessons to a fledgling crow):

EOS 40D8454

(photo by Darren)

Bowen is my home away from home and a wonderful place to recharge spent creative batteries, paint in solitude, listen to the birds, draw beside a quiet lake… So I’m very pleased to be taking part in the festival as a panelist, along with Cynthia Nicholson, Norma CharlesEllen Schwartz and moderator Ainslie Manson, for Writing and Illustrating for Children – Where Do You Start? We’ll talk about all things children’s book on Sunday, July 12 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at the The Gallery @ Artisan Square. (panel discussions are free, register on the Write on Bowen website)

Please visit the Write on Bowen website for all event information including how to get to the island.

If you make the crossing by ferry from Horseshoe Bay, your view may look something like this (though perhaps less snow at this time of year):


If you come over via the water taxi from Granville Island, your view will look more like this:
EOS 40D4646
(if you choose the water taxi, make sure you book ahead – it’s not a very big boat and it fills up fast!)

(more photos of Bowen Island)

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