new book beginnings ~ db

I’m still working on the final drawings for the current book. I’m working on four spreads at a time and have planned to bleed each spread into the next which makes for some challenging transitions. I found Child’s Easle Roll at my local art supply store and it works great for the long drawings. It’s a roll of cartridge paper but it’s the perfect depth to allow me the dimensions for my artwork plus a bit of sketching room at the top while not being to deep as to completely cover my desk space. As I go along I roll up the bit of drawing I’ve finished.



As an aside, I’ve been following James Gurney’s blog for some time – I’d recommend it for anyone who’s interested in illustration. Recently he’s blogged his process, complete will little videos, for an illustration for a poster for the Utopiales festival in Nantes, France. His illustration took him 12 days, including 2 days to build a maquette for reference. This is part one of his process, make sure to click through them all to the end (there are 7 installments). Also, watch for the bird.

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