Web Savvy Reminder

A reminder that there’s still time to catch the last three webcast seminars by Mark Blevis (Just One More Book!!, MarkBlevis.com) and Greg Pincus on how to use social media to promote books, book people and the book industry. While it’s easy to register for the seminars, I’m 0 for 2 so far in catching one. Despite the best efforts of technology to remind me, I read the start time wrong for the first episode and have a double booked myself for the second tomorrow (that one’s about Twitter).

The universities and colleges in my area are jumping on the social media bandwagon, offering social media courses to marketing students. Mark and Greg’s webcasts are free. Not a bad deal.

Full info about this series is here on Mark’s website: Web Savvy For the Book Industry.

2 thoughts on “Web Savvy Reminder

  1. Thanks for the link and shout out. It’s much appreciated. Hope your technology got you to today’s webcast on time….

    Also must tell you that I love your “illustration process” posts. Fascinating, even for a guy like me who can barely draw a stick figure!

  2. Thanks Gregory!
    I did manage to catch most of the blogging session this morning before I had to dash off for a meeting – great information – I’m looking forward to next week’s. Thanks again for putting on the series!

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