4 thoughts on “new book beginnings ~ db

  1. I had a couple questions on your process. When you do these color tests, what kind of paper are you putting it on? The same paper as the final art will be on? How are you moving your drawings from the tracing paper to the actual paper? Are you re-drawing it or transferring it somehow? When you illustrate for a book, do the illustrations need to be the exact size they’ll be in the book, or bigger? How do you calculate the size of your drawings? When you put together a spread, do you do individual pages or do you combine pages across (so your paper is longer than tall, if that makes what I’m trying to say less confusing) If you are combining, is that how it’s “supposed” to be formatted, or is that just your preference? I just wanted to thanks you ahead of time for looking at my questions, I’ve been looking for answers to these everywhere, and maybe they’re kind of basic, but I’ve really wanted to know the answers all the same, and been unable to find this information. Basic formatting requirements and all that. Thanks!

  2. Hi Nichole – thanks for the questions –

    colour tests: for this project, all my colour tests are all digital (painted quickly in photoshop) – so no actual paper involved. In the past, if my final artwork is watercolour, I’ll do quick tests on the same watercolour paper that my finals would be done on. But paper really doesn’t matter that much at this stage – I’m just trying to get a rough colour/mood/approach figured out.

    moving drawings from tracing paper to actual paper:
    I have a light table. I trace my final art very lightly onto final paper and then redraw everything using the pale tracing as a guideline. Tracing looks too lifeless, so I always redraw the work completely.

    size: I prefer to work larger than the final print size – as big as I can – but the paper size is limited in the end by what will fit on a drum scanner. For my work, each illustration is one spread. That’s just a preference and because I tend to do full bleed, double page spreads, that’s all that will fit.

    I hope that helps,


    1. Thanks so much! That is very helpful! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer these for me!

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