Pig, Potto, Pony

I’m in the midst of the unenviable task of sorting, purging and reorganising the disaster that is my studio, in an attempt to unearth some workspace – this means I’m ripe for distraction… like scanning and posting old, forgotten work that I discover at the back of dusty drawers. Here’s a piece I did way back in 2005 for the CANSCAIP alphabet poster. CANSCAIP is an association for writers, illustrators and performers – so all three of those things are going on in the illustration.

My letter was P.


(the pony is modelled after my first pony, Duffy, partly seen in the photo on my about page.


I haven’t found the poster yet – that’s stashed away somewhere deeper in my files. But I did find it online, on the websites of a couple other illustrators who posted it alongside their letter illustrations. Here’s L and W.

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