new book beginnings ~ db

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on the book progress. All the hand work is more or less done, save for some fun messy paint texture stuff that I’ll need along the way. It’s all computer work from now on. Lots of scanning, lots of colouring, lots of isolating individual elements (now I’m paying for the sheer amount of detail I’ve crammed into each illustration).

At this point I’m trying to nail down cohesive colour and treatment. There have been some excruciatingly frustrating days where nothing has gone right. Moments of sheer panic and angst. But I think–hope–it’s in hand now.

Summer has finally arrived here in Vancouver (August – it’s about time!), and I’m again spending it on the wrong side of a window. The truth is, at the end of each work day the last thing I can face is spending any more time on the computer, even to produce a quick blog post. So updates will probably continue to be sporadic from now on.


Above are a few details of work from the last few weeks – early bits in the colouring process and some of the ephemera I’ve been collecting over the last couple of years for this project.

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