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Dream Boats is on shelves now

So Dream Boats has now arrived in stores in both Canada and the U.S, and has had some very nice write ups  from booksellers, which is pretty thrilling, like this one from Brookline Booksmith in Massachusetts :

“I don’t have naps. I have adventures.”

That is the first line in Dream Boats, and once you turn from that first page you understand that anything can happen when you close your eyes. But maybe keep them open so you can see the pretty pictures. Are they ever pretty! Each spread is a kaleidoscope of imagery, as our dreamer’s imagination strings together surreal scenarios: aboard a fishing boat heading to Mumbai, poling down the Niger River, sailing into St. Petersburg, …there is not an inch of this book that isn’t a treat for the eye.

Also, Dream Boats is featured in the Winter 2013 Mountains and Plains Independent Book Sellers Association catalog, which is super cool! So if you’re looking for an independent bookstore in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, or Wyoming, here is a very handy list.




This post is part of a series documenting my process of illustrating the picture book Dream Boats (author Dan Bar-el, pub. Simply Read Books). The entire series of posts is archived here.

View a gallery of all the work-in-progress images including first sketches, reference material, mistakes, redraws, and tests, to final art at a much larger size, here.


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