new book beginnings ~ db

These are photos of my inspiration board that hangs above my desk. I put this together for this book project to remind me to focus on line, composition and pattern and to spur me on when I get overwhelmed and frustrated with what I’m working on. I didn’t consciously choose them for the colour scheme, it just worked out that my selections fall into the earthy colour palette I’m obviously partial to.

EOS 40D2111.JPG

I’ve been given or have bought various art cards over the years; one of my favourites is the lovely dog drawing (Study of a lurcher by Jonathan Trowell), bought while on holiday in Totnes last summer.


EOS 40D2113.JPG

Spurge, Withyham, 1909 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh + map of London


EOS 40D2112.JPG

A lady and a young man by Isoda Koryusai, Late 18th A.D + $.42 Lunar New Year stamps

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