The time has (almost) come


Here’s a little look at some sketches and a fraction of an illustration from part of a book I finished illustrating 1 1/2 years ago and have just heard will be coming out early next year (2010). In the interest of not counting too many chickens until the ink has dried and the bindings are glued, details will be sparse. But in the meantime – yay!

3 thoughts on “The time has (almost) come

    1. Oh, I hope not – 3 years is a long wait! I’m not sure what the custom is in regard to congratulations on upcoming books – surely there is a literary version of ‘break a leg’?

  1. That is great news. Your illustration work on this book was fantastic and I was worried they would never publish it, which would have been awful.

    I definitely want a copy when it comes out.

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