new book beginnings ~ db

Origami Boat

Things have been a quiet on the blog for the past month – I’ve taken some time off from the book to do some money making work to keep the studio lights on/pay the rent etc. Illustrator cannot live off advances alone. Well, at least this one can’t.

It’s two days from Christmas, I’ve closed down the studio for the holidays and am attempting to recover from too many late nights and weekends lost to work. So far, recovery is slow. One word – exhausted.

Part II of the book stage will involve getting reacquainted with inking after many, many months of pencil and charcoal on vellum – not that inking was ever second nature to me. The worst part is steeling myself in anticipation of the feeling of failure brought on by my inevitable inept and uninspired line work, and gathering the strength to push past that to something closer to what I’ve had in mind for these drawings for so long. I’m itching to get back to them – the roughs are all taped to the studio wall and I mentally draw them every time I glance at that wall. I’m not sure there’s anything I find more terrifying than holding a brush full of black ink over a blank, white piece of paper and there’s never enough time to just play and experiment.

Here’s a little ink colour test – the weird snowbally things are, in fact, stars. Or at least stand-ins for stars. Everything’s just sort of slapped in there to give me an general idea of how things might look.

Ink colour test

2 thoughts on “new book beginnings ~ db

  1. So, am I gathering that you do your inking with a brush instead of a nib? Do you find that it’s easier that way? I’ve been experimenting with pen and ink lately, and would love to hear your viewpoint :0)

  2. Hi Nichole,

    It just depends on what feel I want for the line and what level of detail I need to achieve. I’ll often use a combination of both.

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