unwrapping prints from INPRNT

I ordered a few of my prints from INPRNT.com to see what the quality is like. The print and paper quality is great, I’m really happy with it, and the colour is exactly as I was hoping for. It actually exactly matches earlier prints I had done through Opus.
The only thing that I’m not keen on is the shipping price from the U.S to Canada. It’s reasonable within the States, but to Canada I think it’s way too much ($35!). For that reason, I’d love to find out if there was a good print on demand company in Canada as an alternative. If anyone knows of any please drop me an email or leave a comment.

For now, I’ve chosen to offer the prints at sizes that are as close to the original size. As a result of the size, they come in a mailing tube:


Inside the tube, the prints are wrapped in glassine paper:



Because the paper is thick, they required a bit of flattening:



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