$10 international shipping from INPRNT until Nov 10th

I recently commented on INPRINT’s costly international shipping prices ($35 to Canada!). The good news is they’re running a very short promo (it’ll be all over on November 10th) for $10 international shipping!

For the duration of the shipping deal I’m offering a smaller print size option. Please note the print size reflects the size of the paper not the image size (there is a minimum 1″ border on all sides, and my artwork is thin landscape, so an 11″x24″ paper size = 9″x22″ image and 12″x18″ paper size = aprox 6.56″x16″ image

Prior to uploading some artwork of my own, I ordered a print by another artist who’s work I’m fond of, to check the print quality (conclusion: it’s good).
(hint: prints make great gifts…and since we’re already into November and shipping takes a couple of weeks, it’s good to plan ahead)

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